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Live talks, demonstrations and workshops

Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 August

starting from 12 noon - 6pm (time & date for each talk/workshop TBA)


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Workshop facilitated by Natasha Allan, Tim Gray, Virginia Ellis



A vocal exploration through tone, rhythm and feeling as a means of self and collective expression.


No prior musical experience or "talent" needed.

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Mike Ebert & Graeme Allan, UK


Whether religious or not, many people describe themselves as spiritual. Some describe feelings, or perhaps have a deep yearning, that there’s more to life than the commercial treadmill of everyday existence.  What might this be? What is the promise of human life?


Join in for a vibrant, fresh and non-partisan excursion into these important issues.


Mike Ebert has been passionately pursuing the spiritual side of life for many years.  Inspired by the Emin philosophy, he with his wife Sue and many other friends and companions share this individual journey together in the UK as well as internationally.  


Graeme Allan has also been inspired for the last thirty years in the spiritual nature of our shared human existence, which has been enriched by the extraordinary work of the Emin philosophy. In this talk with Mike Ebert, he will share some of the richness drawn from this living experience.


David Gomme, The Netherlands


An Insightful, practical workshop into managing stress and personal effectiveness


In spite of the notable advances in human brain power, self-awareness and increase in longevity, stress is on the rise and is currently regarded to be a global epidemic. Most people are familiar with the dreaded stress burnout syndrome, either from personal experience or knowing someone affected by it.


But it does not have to be this way. Stress is mostly the outcome of not knowing how to use oneself properly. And being removed from one's natural alignment plays a big part in this developmental deficiency.


What is stress? What is the physiological impact of perception-induced stress? What is meant by natural alignment? How do simple changes in how we manage ourselves when being confronted by a stressful event enable an effective response rather than an emotionally wasteful reaction?


This two-hour workshop will be conducted by David Gomme, a globally active leadership coach and an expert on the subject of stress and personal effectiveness.


Merlyn Buter, The Netherlands


Merlyn Buter has been providing workshops lectures and courses all over the world for more than four decades. He loves to inspire participants through science and humour.


Enlivened with stories, analogies, facts and fun, this talk aims to evoke profound insights with the use of simple props like balloons, water, fire, paper, matches, magnets, candles and perhaps the odd explosion!


You won't want to miss this talk full of curious understandings about science and life.


Merlyn Buter has presented his talks in over 9 countries including UK, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, USA, Israel, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark.


Lise Meijer, Denmark


In this talk, artist Lise Meijer tells about the journey from turning her dreams into action.


Early in life, after not being accepted into art college, Lise gave up on her dream of making a living from art. She went on to study theatre, and later, began teaching art, singing and theatre to children for many years until she felt it was time for a career change.


Dreams are like road signs; they point us in a direction. But often we don´t even begin the journey they suggest, because it seems too impractical or not important enough. However, once we listen to those dreams and follow them with actions, we see things we couldn’t see before, and begin to touch whole new realm of inner truth.


Lise calls on all of us to listen to the dreams we carry in our hearts - and to not let them be crushed. Our dreams are here to bring good things into the world, like joy, healing or light, and our task is to find the courage to take the first steps towards those dreams.


Listening to this talk, you may be inspired and even find the courage to take your own first step on the journey towards your dreams.


Participants are invited to participate in a simple creative exercise to produce something uplifting to take home with you and encourage creativity in your daily life.


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Catherine Ash, UK


A look at some of the facts surrounding the conception and growth of your unique human life and its amazing abilities, through illustrations, statistics, practicals and wonderous stories.


Robert Spenley, BA (Hons) Religious Studies & History, UK


Our bodies and faculties are powered by forces and energies generally not seen or understood. Our mind, emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions rely on these unseen energies, but did you know that there are levels and qualities to them?


Did you know that they have colours? And those colours can be seen outside and around the body?


This energy field is known as the aura. With practice part or all of it can be seen, and quite easily felt with the hands. And did you know that generally the murkier the colour, the coarser the quality of energy, and the paler the colour, the finer?


Imagine then if you are in a queue of people. All the auras are overlapping, which means coarser energies can transfer from others and cause you to not feel so bright or well as you were. Well, there are simple things one can do to help prevent this, and to rebalance back to good levels afterwards.


This talk is designed as an easy to understand introduction to this fascinating unseen aspect of ourselves, and to offer some simple ways of improving and protecting one’s own vital energy fields.



Macarena Mata Ph.D., UK


There isn’t a better way to understand ourselves (and others) than when we are in conflict. Have you ever thought, ‘I shouldn’t have said that!’ or ‘I wish I had done that!’ Well, do you think that you are able to decide what to say and do when you are in conflict? Do we have a choice?


In this workshop, we will learn about the difference between reactions and responses, and the significance of choice as a unique human gift. We will explore how understanding our common humanity and ‘listening to needs’ can help anyone to manage conflicts in a more constructive way.


Macarena Mata has worked in the mediation and conflict resolution field for over a decade, as an accredited family, workplace, intergenerational and community mediator, with a diverse range of experience in conflict transformation and resolution and personal growth.


She is a qualified trainer in mediation and conflict resolution and self-awareness to executives, academics, community groups and schools,

a conflict coach and assessor. Macarena has worked as a lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London, on conflict theory and self-awareness and reflective practice for conflict practitioners at the PgCert and MSc courses.



THE CREATIVE LIFE  (video link-up)

Mark Siegel, North America


Mark is the Editorial and Creative Director of First Second Books based in New York, and has given workshops and lectures all over North America to art and writing programs, at Comic Cons, and major animation studios including Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky and Dreamworks.


With personal anecdotes from various projects as an author, artist, and editor, Mark Siegel offers a spirited look at living a creative life, in a world mostly driven by profit. Keeping oneself intact and generative, and above all human—these and other themes run through this popular workshop.



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Workshop facilitated by Mira Kern



Explore your inner worlds through guided movement exercises. Connect to your true essence and other human beings in an inspired and balanced way.

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WELL BEING SCIENCES  (video link-up)

Robyn Weiss , Germany


Healing is a natural process, and we are constantly trying to discover new and unprecedented forms of Healing, that we believe are incoming now to assist the human race.


Robyn is the founder of the Well Being Sciences® consisting of members around the world dedicated to the research, training, development and advancement of natural, remedial and corrective methods of bodily and well-being restoration.


She is a leading figure in the continuing research of how well-being and healing is evolving and the new changes it brings.  


During this session there will be time allocated to ask Robyn any questions you may have about well being and healing.




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Eitan & Irit Rozenberg- "Yellow Cap- Fertile human ecology" Listening and observing nature for more than 30 years


Meeting Nature from within to within


Out in the park - walking, experimenting, expressing, feeling, sensing, new ways, in the now...


Facilitated by Eitan and Irit, inspired by the unlimited intelligence of nature

and what we as human beings can learn and apply from it and with it.







Tony Kearney, UK/Ireland


What exactly is the nature of our relationship with the future and indeed what is the relationship of the future with ourselves?


Perhaps it is much more inter-dependant and powerful than we realise?


This workshop aims to explore different ways of thinking, being and doing that may make the future better than we ever dreamed possible.


Tony Kearney practised as a lawyer in London for 25 years before moving to Ireland in 2006 where he now lives and works as an eclectic mix of author, mediator, educator, farmer, sustainable futures champion and motivational speaker.


He travels widely spreading his message that positive attitudes and relationships lead to positive futures for all including the planet we all call home.


He is author of: Who Owns the Future?, Boo!, The Tao of Awe, How to be the Best Person in the World, Open Up your Heart and Let the Sunshine In.

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Mary Noble, UK  (video link-up)


'Deepening the value of your own existence, so that it’s intrinsic in you that nothing can take away'.


Mary Noble is the founder and CEO of Feminenza International, which upholds the belief that the feminine gender has a significant part to play in the future of our world.


Feminenza encourages women to pursue a deeper journey, by strengthening values, holding standards and developing qualities as a foundation of personal development; and to embrace the need for new understanding and greater mutuality and respect between the genders, in seeking purposeful possibility within human life.