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Water Circles

Photo credit:  Olivia Rav'e



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Water Circles

Photo credit:  Olivia Rav'e





27 July 2017



Celebration of Life

International Summer Event in Barnet

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th August



Barnet will be host to the ‘Celebration of Life’ event this month, using the large open space at The Centre and its gardens, with live music and demonstrations on Hadley Green.  


This unique community event will feature talks from local and international speakers, workshops, meditations, exhibitions including glasswork, jewellery, paintings, photography, woodwork, together with a children’s zone, water circle installation, healing garden and an organic café.


Operations Manager Mark Ballabon said the Celebration of Life event is a great opportunity for people to enjoy. The theme, based on 'an exhibition of human brilliance', is derived from the belief that everyone has something of value to offer.


“We have designed the event as an open space for people to engage in some life-enhancing workshops or talks, spend time with well-being practitioners, or simply enjoy coffee, cake and conversation at the organic café whilst viewing some original artwork and exhibitions,” said Mark.


“There is a core recognition that human life is something to be valued, respected and liberated,” said Mark. “All the speakers, artists and practitioners who’ve voluntarily contributed their time and work to this event share those same values.”



Talks you won’t want to miss…


With over twelve speakers and a range of topics including creativity, the electro-magnetic life, healing and well-being, science and the unseen, spirituality, singing, music and nature walks, there will be something exciting for anyone with an enquiring mind.


David Gommé, an international leadership Coach who works with the Dutch Ministries and multi-national corporations will give a talk on what’s considered as a global epidemic – stress. “Most people are familiar with the dreaded stress burnout syndrome, either from personal experience or knowing someone affected by it,” said David.


“But it does not have to be this way. Stress is mostly the outcome of not knowing how to use oneself properly. Being removed from one's natural alignment plays a big part in this, so we will look at what really is stress and how to make simple changes to manage better when confronted by stressful situations.”


Another essential subject towards being more self-determining in our lives is ‘Dealing with yourself in conflict.’ Senior mediator and lecturer, Dr. Macarena Mata will be speaking on the subject.


“It’s important to consider the significance of choice as a unique human gift,” said Macarena. “We will explore how understanding our common humanity and ‘listening to needs’ can help anyone to manage conflicts in a more constructive way.”


The artists and exhibitors come from all walks of life and have an originality to their work. Jackie Henshall is a renowned fine artist from Wales and will be displaying her glasswork, sculpture and jewellery.


Lise Meijer from Denmark will exhibit her inspiring work with greeting cards available to purchase, while James Ash will present an interactive water circle installation.


Acclaimed comic artist, illustrator and award-winning writer, Mark Siegel from New York will be presenting a video conference talk on ‘The Creative Life’, and his novels will be on display and available for sale.


Part proceeds from The Celebration of Life event will be donated to the Y-Top, an emerging international youth group.


The Centre opens 12 noon to 6pm on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 August with activities and demonstrations simultaneously on Hadley Green.


Entrance is free. Donations are welcome for talks. Exhibits will be for sale.



The weekend event is facilitated by The Template Foundation, an educational charity based on promoting the study and practice of natural education and human development.


The Centre, Bath Place, Barnet EN5 5XE.



















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Mark Ballabon 01707 873855


Helena Pike 07962 229517


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