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mixed media



Will Richards is a London based artist, specialising in works of a spiritual, esoteric and mystical nature. The motivation for his creative exploits comes from the notion that significant art arises in the pursuit of revelation, and his art always seeks to reveal a life truth.


Although a relative newcomer to the artistic pursuit, his life-long study into the deeper questions of life and development power his creative drive. Will hopes that his art will evoke contemplation and meditation in the viewer; cause questions about life, the planet and the universe, and one’s place and purpose in it.



ZORAN MATIC,(19_-2016) Photography


Zoran was passionate about photography, and several of his images were published in the local Hamstead press.


He held exhibitions at the New End Gallery and Keats Library, and his family are currently compiling a book with a selection of his images and writings where proceeds will go towards a memorial bench at Hamstead Heath.


This exhibion is a tribute to Zoran, who had a deep respect for life and his natural way to make people and wildlife feel at ease enabled him to shoot some stunning portraits.







The monk and cathstar by Will Richards

Teatime by Lise Meijer



mixed media



Lise Meijer is a Danish artist inspired by the small things in life that lift us to more than we thought we could be.


Lise´s unique paintings are created by using layers of paper, patterns and acrylic techniques. On display at the Celebration of Life exhibition there will be a selection of her original paintings complimented by cards, prints and posters, available to purchase.


Lise currently exhibits her art in galleries, and sells gift cards and prints to over 50 shops in Denmark. She also teaches Mixed media workshops.




glasswork, sculpture, jewellery



Jackie set up a fused glass studio over 7 years ago in West Wales, in an old renovated woollen mill, and had broken a lot of glass in many experiments trying to catch moments of inspiration.


Constantly pressing her own artistic boundaries, Jackie creates bowls, jewellery, hanging pieces, tiles and free standing sculptures, which are exhibited widely in galleries around the UK.


Jackie's work is inspired by the transformative quality of light as it moves through the day, the dawn and the dusk, the changing skies, the moving shadows on the mountains, and in the forest, the rippling light on water as it moves with the current and the winds, with a particular love of estuaries with their continually changing tides.





water artist, glasswork, watercolours


James grew up on a farm in Kent in the 1950's, immersed in the countryside and enticed by the riches and secrets of fields, woods and streams.


He loved to be with nature and in later life it became clear to him that behind the outward expression of life lies many unseen depths.


His artwork represents that deeper side; to keep alive the idea that there is much more to life than what is seen.


James experiments with different artforms in creative and engaging ways, including glasswork and developing the idea of Water Circles.


He has a love and fascination about water - how it moves and interacts with the land and particularly its cleansing properties; how it causes enhancement by cleaning and making new.


It is part of the mystery that its cleansing ways have many depths, including taking away static energy, which is a crucial function and intrinsic to the Water Circle process.


So how do the Water Circles work? It's an experiment to enhance the richness and value of conversation between people: To exchange, question, find something new between them, voice concerns, mend bridges, test out ideas, practice listening, grasp a perception.



essence art: painting, printmaking, textiles, glasswork


Jenny has a love of the unseen worlds, the connection to all the great things that attend us, the possibilities for human life and what we can offer in service to God and Creation.


She sees her artwork as an opportunity to disseminate into the world all that she has come to see, know and understand, through visual representation.


Her recent works focus on ‘incoming and onsetting from the future’, 'the known and unknown' and how the past impacts on the present and the interrelationship between the present and future.






































They research music, its causes and effects. The music often causes dwelling, contemplation & strengthening of the natural systems present in us all that are often under-nourished…..CD's available include:

Spectrum States  .  Dawn til Dusk  .  Worlds Within





Mark is an acclaimed author who will be exhibiting two books featuring personal development, Courting the Future and Why is the Human on Earth?


We court a person we love, but if we love the future are we courting it too? Do you see yourself as a partner in creating a future that younger generations would be proud of? Courting the Future is a collection of short essays that attempt to offer new ways ahead for new times.


Perhaps considered as the most crucial question of all, Why is the Human on Earth? is opened up in a compelling way using four media:  Beautiful, original, nature based pictures; Evocative Poetry; Revealing text; Exercises in Freedom.


The book is a journey of wonder and connection to the reason why humans were given life in the first place.




DANA HOFFER, Midwife & Author (Israel)

Push NOW!: Stories from the Delivery Room


Push NOW! is Dana Horrer's memoir of becoming a midwife.


It is a travelogue that traverses the rocky landscape of confronting her misconceptions and beliefs tested, and building the strength to stand by what she knew to be true even when it meant contradicting those in power.


It is a pilgrimage to the land of letting-things-be, where the magic of birth may occur without intrusion. It is an anthropological study of the birth in northern Israel, where Jews, Muslims, Druze, and other cultures shed their intolerance in moments of pure wonder.


Above all, this memoir is a chronicle of witnessing the most powerful moment in a woman’s life, learning to appreciate what we are made of, and allowing herself to be changed by the experience.




glasswork, plates, jewellery



Healing in all its possibilities, is what inspires Martine, and the recovery it can make possible in a life.


Martine's artwork is experimental in using objects used in our daily lives, such as dinner plates and jewellery, to support the processes needed for inviting greater calm within.


There is a famous stone garden in Japan, The Stone Garden at Ryoanji. The monk sits in front of a patch of stones, and the boulder, which forms part of the garden, evokes a timelessness. Then everyday, the monks rake the gravel in a specific way.


Scientists have found that the shapes in the gravel activate in the brain the areas associated with trees. Working towards causative objects, a stone garden is more than the stones.


"This is part of what inspires me; that an object can cause some inner life inside a person to feel safe, to grace our days with its gentle and uplifting presence".




Jewellery Designer


With a background in the medical profession for most of her life and a strong interest in alternative therapies, June expresses her passion for the Well-being Sciences through jewellery design.


She began with creating pendants with specifically selected crystals, and intuitively researching the speeds and radiation of each colour. Now she explores what affect these colours, when combined, has on the human system.


One night she had a dream which inspired her to create three bracelets:  A barcode, The Beacon Arch of Wellbeing and the Triune of Peace.


These three delicately created colour-combined bracelets will be on display exclusively for this event, with a limited number available for sale.



artwork, displays, books, publications



Author, North America



Mark is the author and illustrator of several award-winning picture books, including Long Night Moon, To Dance with Siena Cherson Siegel, Oskar and the Eight Blessings, and the NY Times bestseller Sailor Twain, or the Mermaid in the Hudson. His latest publication "5 Worlds," a science fiction epic series for young readers, was developed with his brother Alexis Siegel.


For Mark, each new project is an attempt to explore the mystery of having appeared as a human being here, from playful to serious, from a true-life story of a passion for dance to a fantastical mid-life-crisis tale.


He believes even a comic book can be a playground and meeting ground between the human and the unseen.


Drawing inspiration from many sources, Mark endeavors to return to a first principle of being human, having appeared here at this time, and the promise of fulfilling the promise of that. Increasingly art itself, in all its many expressions, seems to point him towards the idea that the human is an embassy for something universal. Mark's intention is to respond, and facilitate that in many ways, through many expressions.




MS books briony-Response007 LISE_MEIJER james ash_water circles

Water Circle installation by James Ash

Jackie Henshaw_2_POEMthe_Swaying_Sound_of_Sea




Karni Zor is a well known astrologer, author and creator of the Holistic Astrological Cards, which are now used worldwide for readings, guidance, meditation and healing sessions.


Founder of the Holistic Astrology Center, and the online Holistic Astrology school, Karni is a renowned speaker, lecturer and conducts Astrology workshops and courses globally.


With a futuristic approach to astrology, Karni's approach embraces our developmental human endeavor and evolution with the true position of the planets and stars in the skies, rather than based on the classical methods which uses charts not updated to the 21st century astronomy.


Readings will be available at the Celebration of Life event and the new Holistic Astrological cards will be on sale.




Digital Art


Viv Mullett's artwork has evolved from years of graphic design combined with a passion for exploring the way things work, and natural law.


Her work is often inspired by ‘sacred’ geometry with its manifestation in growth and form; its use by the ancients in their architecture and works of art, and its application in modern engineering and technology.


She will be exhibiting her image 'The Mission', which depicts the human journey, and the moment of quickening for the child in the womb, at twenty weeks of pregnancy.


It reflects to us that even though we may not remember why we are here, (or perhaps we are not meant to know), there is the ability to make choices about how we live our lives.


It also presents the question whether the spirit within us is on a mission, and will it guide us if we can listen to it?


The Mission_web

The Mission by Viv Mullet





David Small began his career in ceramics at the age of 16 and developed his craft working with many prominent studio potters including Roelof Uys, Bob Evans, and Emmanuel Cooper before starting his own studio in 1988.


Now based in Wales with a large studio space at Waunifor, his spiritual quest and passion for the deeper purposes of living have always informed David’s use of ancient symbolism and colour, and are an important aspect of his artistic endeavor.  


The craft skills embodied in his work bring versatility, boldness and strength of form. This, together with his love of pattern and glaze, produce a body of work that is constantly evolving.  


David's ceramics are food safe and his glazes are lead free.

David Small_edit_web



Touchwood Carpentry


Guy is passionate creating with wood, working with the grain, texture and colours of each individual unique piece of wood and the forms it emerges into.


He's inspired working with clients, sharing ideas and bringing them to life with his handcrafted carpentry.


He specialises in bespoke interior woodwork such as tables, shelves, chairs and stools, and garden furniture including benches, bridges, pergolas, gazebos, arches, decking, sheds, summerhouses and treehouses.


Each piece is unique, solid and handcrafted.

Guy_handcrafted woodwork_web zoran_matic-bird