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The Celebration of Life event is supported by the Template Foundation, based on representing natural education and arts of human expression, derived from the Emin philosophy.






The pursuit of the Emin philosophy carries the essence of personal growth, and the freedom to develop oneself according to one’s own natural inclination and timing, with the view to improving the life of the individual, and from this, the life of the community.


There is a core recognition that human life is something to be valued and respected, including the inner life and well-being along with improving skills and outward engagement into life.


Is there a higher truth to human life, a purpose that gives reason to why we are here? The pursuit of this encourages questioning, study, research, personal development, and inevitably takes into account the spiritual dimension intrinsic to each individual life.


All are welcome to come and help in this great exploration, and the Celebration of Life event is our way of introducing and sharing some of what we do with others. Hopefully you will enjoy your visit to the Centre, it is a special place of enhancement and welcome.



































Proceeds from the Celebration of Life event will be donated in support of the Y-Top programme and the Template Foundation for future events.


The Y-Top (Young Template of Peace) is a dedicated network of young people who care about the world they are in. It is an international youth association, sharing the same motives, aims and governing principles. Part proceeds will be donated to the Y-Top in encouragement to the continuation of this important youth movement











The Template Foundation supports and promotes the study, research and practice of

a broad range of activities concerning the human potential and its natural capability.


Registered charity No. 1049102

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Bought and refurbished by volunteers from the Template Foundation, The Centre has facilitated

a variety of public events for over 14 years – talks, workshops, cafe music evenings & concerts, theatre, well-being days, study groups, meditations and many more activities.


The Centre comprises of a large open space with two workshop rooms, a library, a tea/coffee bar and seating area, and a specially designed healing garden.